2017 Predictions For App Marketing


2016 is practically over and we almost hear the countdown for the New Year. Now it is the time to check what happened in mobile environment, especially in the marketing domain for this section and even more important to get a closer look to the expectations for 2017 in terms of advertising applications for mobile devices.

How Was 2016 In Terms Of Mobile Marketing?

2016 was an innovative year and app owners are aware of the fact that they need to invest more in promoting their mobile apps through various methods because it isn’t enough to develop an useful app; you need to increase its visibility for the target audience.


Chatbots seem to be a real accomplishment of the past months creating the impression that the answers are given by human not a machine. The interaction with a chatbot through a messaging concept will lead to new topics, suggestions for solving problems and even some little jokes. This technology increases the idea of personalization at any level and provides better solutions for users. It is clear that it will go on spreading for the upcoming period.


AR and VR

For those who don’t know the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality we can say that AR is a combination of elements from real world with creations generated by devices, while VR is an entire environment similar to actual situations created for entertainment or for preparation before some hard activities. To be more specific, we can add that Virtual Reality can be obtained with the help of special headsets like Oculus from Facebook. A popular example of success gained 6 months ago through Augmented Reality is Pokemon Go, which probably reached the ears of every person of this planet. These innovative concepts triumphed in 2016 and there is no doubt they will continue in future.



The past year was a period where experts from mobile design invested their talent into complex changes to attract users in a richer participation. App owners understood that it is not enough to create an app which solves problems. In current overcrowded markets apps need more to impress users and drive conversions. They have to follow their customers’ visions. You must know that there is no reason to end this effort.

Statistics From 2016 For Mobile Marketing

Facing the end of the year we can make considerations referring the growth of video on mobile marketing. More customers are influenced by videos when making their purchases.


eMarketer offers a comparison between 2015 and 2016 in terms of digital ad spending. Can you observe the differences between this year and the year before that?


This year, more companies linked their revenue source to mobile marketing which is a positive thing looking at mobile – first trend which will expend even more for the next 12 months.


Predictions For 2017

A study made by eMarketer reveals that marketers from US intend to increase the spending for Loyalty Programs in 2017. It is vital for the success of the entire brand to discover the most valuable users and to focus all the available techniques into engaging them.


Another report from eMarketer predicts that ad spending for US Mobile Programmatic Digital Display will reach a total of $20 billion by the end of 2017. In this statistic are included social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offering you an idea for the direction of mobile marketing.


Moreover, AppAnnie forecasts that gross consumer spend on mobile app stores will be somewhere around $65 billion, mainly concentrated on games, but with a growth for media and dating apps.

Which Concepts Will Rise In 2017?

Now that we saw the takeaways from 2016 let’s highlight the main trends that are expected to make the difference for the next year.

Machine Learning

In 2017 machine learning will be present for a more increased relevance in data analytics and the majority of tools which are created to predict patterns for various situations will use this technology for more accuracy and for avoiding guessing while marketers are creating their strategies. In the same time these algorithms are used for preventing app abandonment and to keep the app away from crashes. It is important for app owners to use real – time data and to follow the new direction in order to provide better services for their users.

Omnichannel Experience

More and more users allow retailers to match their data across different channels and devices for offering them more benefits. And this will be more visible in 2017 when people expect companies to know their preferences and to provide them the exact products they are looking for. Retailers will come with innovative ways to remember their customers that their shopping cart has some products and they need to finish their purchases.

Location – Based Services

Another inventive method for an improved experience is continuing in the future year through location – based services. Bonding with customers in other situations than the initial generated by the app will be the answer for engaging them better and for offering the feeling that every user is special. Be there for them and they will show you their gratitude by trusting your brand.

UX Integration

As we detailed above personalization is playing an important role for every plan related to mobile apps. If you invest in user experience you will be a step over your competition because users take into consideration the overall involvement and are attracted of those characteristics that make them an important part of the entire process. Don’t underestimate this perspective because that is what will make the difference in the end.

Importance Of Device Types

When you analyze your data it is highly important to see that each task is performed from different devices. While social media actualizations are easy to be made from smartphones, searches are completed from laptops. Customers’ preferences have evolved and you need to keep an eye on their actions for understanding better the right direction when you develop your marketing campaigns.

Mobile Will Change Website KPIs

In 2017 mobile will continue to overtake web domain and this fact will influence Key Performance Indicators for websites, since every web activity tends to become mobile. Our opinion for each metric followed from analytics will be different since people changed their behavior related to the pages they access. They bounce from page to page spending less time for each section. You need to adapt to this transformation and to understand the dynamic characteristic of metrics that really counts in observing the real situation for your site.

The Landing Pages And Digital Experiences Will Be Prioritized To Mobile User Experience

For the future year it will be more present the concept of managing websites or blogs to sustain the activity for mobiles and every interaction with users will be even more personalized. It goes without saying that every website must be responsive and viewers need to sense the same feelings from mobile devices. Almost every task we complete on website is becoming easier to be done from mobile devices.


Image Source: https://www.experiencedynamics.com
Image Source: https://www.experiencedynamics.com

Social Ads Will Force Web Teams To Create A More Complete Mobile Experience

2017 is the year when mobile app brands and web experts will unify their powers and knowledge for the interest of adepts with the help of social ads. There is no need to be 2 separated domains. A combination of their best resources will be used to engage users for a multilevel experience. It became natural for everybody to check their social accounts from their mobile devices. And this is why social media provides cues related to the choices and desires of users. Since social platforms are everywhere around us, companies will look in that direction for investing their marketing budget in promoting their apps.

Final Thoughts

It is very important for every startup owner to learn from the year that is ending and to decide the best moves for promoting their products in the months that will come. In 2017 managers’ plans are concentrated on individuals, not on collectives. Marketers are aware about the fact that every user counts. The secret for a successful campaign independent of the chosen channel is to draw the right profile for each customer. Keep that in mind for 2017 and let us know about your results after the next 12 months.


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