5 Important Mobile App Advertising Basics To Follow

Everyone knows marketing campaigns have been going mobile for some time. While the total Internet traffic is coming from mobile devices, it is not a surprise to say that marketing budgets also are shifting to take account of this trend. You can see a study below which shows the mobile ad spend increase.



How can make your mobile ad campaign successful in this neck and neck environment and between huge budgets? Here, you can find some important basics to follow.


Target Effectively Your Audience

Targeting your audience leads to better conversion rates because you only pay for displays, clicks or downloads for interested users. Mobile offers many targeting possibilities to us like demographic & geographic criteria (gender, age, location) based, usage criteria (purchase, session time, other app downloads on the device) based or look-alike users groups based, etc. You can adapt your mobile advertising campaign to these groups or sub-groups of the audience as well.

You can also personalize your mobile ad campaign, considering different segments defined by you. For example, your younger audience members may prefer to click on your banners when they are playing a game; then, you can personalize your banner ad content for them. You can see another ad personalization example below.



Take Care the A/B Testing

Segmentation, targeting, and personalization; these will power up your mobile advertising campaign. However, the most important thing is that you base these actions on the actual analysis. A/B Testing is a very useful way which allows comparing the performance of various ads and setting of targeting criteria. Don’t forget, without the correct analytics, you cannot segment, understand or target your efforts.


Timing Is Crucial

Mobile is all about immediacy. To make your customers happy and engage with them, offer what they need at the right moment. Moreover, being timely helps to offer advice or guidance and create customer loyalty. Time your ad campaign according to when you want a user to take an action to earn success. To provide successful timing, location-based mobile advertising is important as well. For instance, if you want to share your message with your audience more directly and in the right way, the best point may be the real places they visit, or the best offer may be the thing they use every single day. 🙂



Make It Social

Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the most popular and effective ways of promoting your brand today. But wait! Not always. You should use these channels as well-supported as possible. These are the places where the average mobile user spends most of their time, so be sure you have an active social presence. Virality is key and social media is the truest address of it. With a compelling reason to share, you can make your campaign more viral and, therefore, generate higher yields on social media. Support your mobile advertising campaign by adding and incentivizing social sharing.



The above statistic shows users are more likely to spend their time in apps, not browsers, and it involves social networks as well. This is the integrated environment, and you should press its advantages for your mobile advertising campaign. You should use not only one channel, but also different channels to make your mobile campaign more social and viral.

Do you want to see a brilliant example of making a mobile campaign successfully viral and using multichannel for it: “Nivea sun protection track your kids app”. It wasn’t purely a mobile campaign, however, it combined mobile with print to create something unique.


Give Importance To Get Customer Supporting

Ages may change, the rules may change, but customer satisfaction is the only thing which can not change ever. Taking care of customers’ ideas, complaints or satisfactions may be the most important part of all marketing activities. In mobile app marketing, this is the same. Getting feedback and responding to it is your greatest weapon. Follow the audience’s reactions to your campaigns carefully.



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