7 App Marketing Tips for your Pre-Launch Strategy

In this article we need to give you some critical tips that will help you in your prelaunch. So, be ready to burn them whole stores with your amazing plan with this post!

List of chapters:

  1. Define your objectives and focus on your audience
  2. Study your competitors
  3. Create a useful landing page
  4. Please attention on your Content Marketing Strategy
  5. Use Social Media Channels
  6. Create a Video Teaser
  7. Keep in mind about App Store Optimization

  1. Define your objectives and focus on your audience

Above all else before investing your energy making and building up your thought ensure that your item is remarkable. As we said before there are a large number of applications in the stores and beating your competitors has turned into a truly however errand these days.

Try not to endeavor to be extremely insatiable and define reasonable objectives. While you are planning your destinations that end up focusing on your group of onlookers.
Think about your item, what is your value that servicing to people ? What are its primary functionalities?

  1. Study your competitors

Before launch you should search for competitors and discover their defects and qualities. This will give you a better perspective of your product as well. Have a look at their Reviews and Ratings and discover what are the functionalities that annoy people the most and get rid of them.

This is not about copying other apps but improving yours as much as possible! Study your competitors and take advantage of them. To take in more about ASO read these tips, or our Guides for Google Play ASO and App Store ASO.

  1. Create a useful landing page

Create a useful page is the always best way to getting more hits! You can use this way to explain on your brand’s highlights and values and in the meantime you can advance your application. You can create with WordPress, Wix or others. Share your landing page on social media and get viral!

  1. Focus on your Content Marketing Strategy

You should think customer first! Why people join your community?
What is your value to society using this app?
Be clearify and enthuanetic.

At this point you should be thinking of your target audience again.
Try to think of what do they want to see and where are they likely to find it. In addition to developing your own blog you could also get in touch with some companies that already have some traffic that falls within your own target and exchange guest-posts! Highlight your brand value and functionalities and insert links that will drive users to your own content page!

  1. Use Social Media Channels

Start sharing your app’s features and functionalities across different social media channels. This will keep people engaged and waiting for your launch date. You don’t need to use every single Social Media Channel possible – focus your target audience uses the most and post new and exciting content regularly.

Stay curiousty and give them some valueble content that them use in Daily life.

  1. Create a Video Teaser

Making a video is an absolutely best!
Use a video for your app’s best features. And please make sure it’s short and straightforward. You must grab your target users’ attention in the first 5 seconds and include a call-to-action message!
Be creative and don’t miss any opportunity to raise interest upon your app or game!

  1. Keep in mind about App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization should always be in your list of priorities! ASO causes you boosting organicly in the stores, enhancing your change rate and driving more natural introduces. Make sure that all your ASO elements are optimized before launching your app. After these process please be ready to burn whole market.😉

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