7 Expert Tips To Revive Your App From “Zombie” State

One of the biggest problems of this mobile environment is the enormous number of apps available in app stores. And if that isn’t enough, every day thousands of new apps are uploaded in the same small space. If you are about to upload an app or your app is one of those valuable ones who didn’t saw success yet, we will help you avoid becoming a zombie app.

What Are “Zombie” Apps?

An app is considered zombie if it isn’t featured in any list and people can find it only if they search for its name. As TechCrunch highlights, this has to do with the huge number of apps in app stores and implicitly with the number of apps in each category. This is why you should think twice when you choose your app category since some of them, like Games are more competitive than others, so you have fewer chances to rank higher.

Image Store: https://techcrunch.com/2015/01/30/zombie-apps-on-the-rise-83-of-apps-not-on-top-lists-up-from-74-last-year/

App Store Purge

Fortunately, Apple is on its way to fix the problem with bad apps that make the app store too overcrowded. After its announcement in September, that it will remove the apps which are no longer maintained or the ones that don’t meet the guidelines, it keeps its promise. After waiting 30 days for developers to update their apps, in October Apple deleted almost 50k which was 238% more than previous month. Good job!

Google Play Purge

Google also moves his strategy towards this direction by announcing developers that app which doesn’t follow User Data rules will end up out of Play Store. This plan solves two issues in the same time. On one hand, it increases visibility for high – quality apps and, on the other hand it solves some of the privacy issues for users. We will see the results after March 15, 2017.

Image Source: https://thenextweb.com/google/2017/02/08/millions-apps-soon-purged-google-play-store/#.tnw_WCy2CiMM

1. A Quick Boost Campaign to See The Future

The first step you can do to avoid the zombie state of your app is to take the advantages of a boost campaign. This strategy skyrockets your app in top of its category in a few days. If it is a worthy app it will remain there due to organic users that will come after this moment when your app will win the chances for discoverability. On AppSamurai you can see why this is a good idea for both your app and your budget.

Image Source: https://appsamurai.com/8-reasons-for-why-you-should-try-a-boost-campaign/

2. Eliminate the Technical Flaws

This stage is mandatory. You can’t move forward with problems inside your app. We already mentioned in a previous article that crash reporting tools and fixing memory leaks are great ways to engage your users and convince them to spread the word about your app.

3. Ensure App’s Security

As we discussed earlier privacy is a concern for every member of this mobile world. From Google team to smartphone owners we all feel the necessity to protect our data.

  • Secure Your Data

First of all you need to be careful how you manage users’ information. Using encryption and two factor password authentication are methods to avoid problems with data security.

  • Add A Privacy Policy

A privacy policy will show users in what way you are going to handle their information. You can’t play with customers’ data in this fraudulent environment.

  • Keep Your Users Up To Date

It is not enough to manage the above issues; you need to remain connected with your users and to share ideas about your app’s security.

4. Improve UI/UX

After your boost campaign you need to be sure that your app expresses your professionalism when it comes to user interface and experience.

  • Eliminate Design Flaws (Useless Text Decorations, Blinding Colors, Fusty Icons)

In design world less is definitely more. Don’t fill your app’s layouts with unnecessary resources just to drive users away.

  • Improve Onboarding

Onboarding moment is the first contact of users with your app. Make it memorable in the best possible way. We wrote a small tutorial on that.

  • Deep Linking

Deep linking minimizes the path to the desired content for your users. Avoid losing them between pages of your app and lead them to the wanted activity.

Image Source: http://www.apptamin.com/blog/mobile-deep-linking/
  • Add Social Sharing Buttons

Nowadays, we all are dependent of social networks. We take care of our professional profiles on LinkedIn or we share images from our vacation on Instagram. We all use social channels in one way or another. And the easier we do that, the better. Make your app the next topic that will be shared by users with their friends and family.

5. Idealize ASO And Revise Keywords

One of the solutions for coming back from zombie state is to create the perfect ASO.

  • Category Analysis

We already highlighted that app’s genre plays an essential role in your ranking situation. Try to find a category not so competitive with a smaller number of apps.

  • Finding Right Keywords

When you search for keywords we always advice to imagine what users will type in the search field if they were looking for an app like yours. After you have the right keywords add them in app title and app description on your app page in relevant context.

  • Perfect ASO Components

If you ask yourself what elements are important for your App Store Optimization, the answer is:

Title and Descriptions

These fields have to be short and concise since users don’t have time to spend reading your stories. Moreover, Google and Apple recommend that title should have around 20 – 30 characters. For description, get to the point and highlight the advantages brought by your app for customers’ living.

Visual Components (Icon, Screenshots, Videos)

For this stage there is only one word to describe the right direction: quality. Find the most expressive icon, the most relevant screenshots, and a descriptive video for impressing your future users.

  • Follow Latest ASO Trends

Apple and Google keep changing their rules for presenting the app on the market and this can be very confusing. But you need to keep up with the latest modifications and that’s why we are here.

6. Go Viral

Virality is the opposite of zombie. But how can you reach this optimal situation?

  • Create Sharable Content

“Content is the king” is not just an overused phrase. If you think about it for a second, it makes sense. When you open an app you do that for what it offers you, whether text, images or videos. Make that information worthy for sharing.

  • Offer Incentives

There was never heard of somebody who refused a bonus for spreading the word about a good product. Try to find some advantages inside your app for offering to those who share it with friends and family.

  • Use The Power Of Social Media Ads 

Social media networks provide services for promoting your app. If your budget allows you this type of campaign, go for it. Think about how you spend almost your entire day on social channels. So are your potential customers. You just need to use their channel not your favorite one.

Image Source: http://abazz.info/category/social-media-strategy/

7. Go Freemium

As a monetization model you can use the freemium one where you provide basic features of your app for free and for premium benefits, users would have to pay. To revive a dying app a good solution is called paid – to – free campaign which means that you offer premium options for free for a limited period of time. The trick is to announce this over media channels so that your strategy will have the wanted effect.

Final Thoughts

Are you in that situation where one of your apps is located so deep in that sea of apps that it can be found only if you search its exact name? Well, we listed 7 stages through which you have to pass your app to avoid the zombie state. There are not difficult and every one of them comes with valuable source for further documentation. After you complete this steps let us know your amazing results.

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