7 Ways To Get Featured On The App Store

Statistics show almost 3 million apps are currently available for download in the App Store. In addition, nearly 2000 apps have been submitted to release on iTunes App Store daily. After you have successfully submitted your app, you will face fiercely competitive environment in each category of the App Store. It may sound like a dream to get featured after these mind-blowing numbers, but it is not impossible when you seize the topics below.


Before beginning to build your strategy, it is important to know how Apple picks the jammy ones in the basket to put forward in their showcase.

Some of you may sense that Apple can be paid to feature apps, but it is not. Apple picks featured apps by hand with their local editorial teams, which are spread over 155 countries, to provide better service in each country. Also, these teams hold much scrutiny when choosing the right one for each region’s local customers. So your app must appeal to local customers to get into the featured tab.


Well, you better hit the road to find your local editorial team to convince them, but even if you find those guys, you will need these 7 clever ways below to get featured in the App Store.

  1. Build a Flawless App

Apple doesn’t like to see rotten stuff in their front windows of their customers. So, make it elegant and functional just like Apple does. Predict and eliminate any possible bugs out of your app. Also, don’t forget to follow Apple’s Design Guideline.

Make it Aesthetically Integrated, you know that Apple’s most distinguishing characteristic from other brands is their clear and minimalistic design. Apple wants an app that helps people perform a serious task and can keep them focused by using subtle, unobtrusive graphics, standard controls, and predictable behaviors. So, keep on track of their design philosophy and invest your effort on UI and UX very hard.

Image Source: http://media.idownloadblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/clear-ios-7-1024×807.png

Check out Clear App,which is the best representative design example that Apple expects with its clean, colorful interface and intuitive swipe controls.

Make it Smart, looking good is not enough for it to be distinguished among competitors. So your app should be simple, easy to use, and it should do one particular thing exceptionally by incorporating its features and behaviors in ways people expect.


Like pdf or scanner apps (iScanner, PDF Viewer), which specifically solve one problem and compete in a hard category. They are simply doing one thing exceptionally better than others, making the process easier. For instance, the PDF Viewer app combines its features with Apple technologies like Apple Pencil and iCloud supports, which make this app more modern and capable than others.ekran-resmi-2016-12-13-23-13-21

Show your Commitment; make your app compatible with all iOS devices. This will show your loyalty to Apple and enlarge your potential audience.

AGAIN! Eliminate the bugs!

  1. Make Apple Flaunt About It

Now your app begins to stand out from the crowd, but it is not finished yet; there is more. Another killer feature from Apple is their breakthrough innovations.

Adopt Apple’s latest features and update your app according to new features. For example, if you have a retail app, use Apple Pay technology or if you are designing a game, use 3D Touch feature to improve the customer experience with Apple innovations. It does not only draw Apple’s attention to your app but also it will have appreciated by Apple users like in the Impossible Road game. This game was irritatingly hard since it adopted 3D touch feature. After that, the game has become addictive and very appreciated among their users.

ekran-resmi-2016-12-13-20-38-35The bottom line is Apple likes to show off their new technologies and features, so implement their new ideas on your app, which will give Apple’s Editors a reason to choose your app.

  1. Suit Up! For Important Events/Days

Everybody is expecting to see some changes during important events like holidays, events and seasons. Their effect may vary per their size, local or global, but you still have a massive chance in each to boost your downloads and purchases mostly because people like shopping in holidays, buying gifts, new devices and so new apps.

App Store changes their layout and creates some new categories, lists specifically for the event. Therefore, they expect apps to change their costume to fit in these events. Getting on those specific lists will boost your discoverability, thus, increase the downloads. Apple usually picks apps before 2-3 weeks so predict those events and get ready on time. Produce elegant layouts and costumes, which will fulfill the expectation of Apple’s niche audience to suit up for specific events.

As Christmas is coming, you can begin by checking out these tips and ways to get ready for it.

  1. Localization

Getting featured is about appealing to local customers, and there are 155 App Stores in the world. Namely, there are 155 paths for your app to reach success. If you want to take a more than one path to increase your chance, you can’t ignore the cultural differences. Discover more in our previous article: How to Overcome Cultural Barriers in Mobile.

SS Source: App Annie

Localization needs enormous effort and time, but it will be worth it. Widen your audience and revenue if you analyze target markets and localize well. Check out the top free, paid and grossing apps in the screenshot above; almost all are in more than one market. With proper localization, you can also increase the chance of getting featured one market that you choose.

  1. Keep Your Reviews Positive

App reviews matter for users when they have found their way to your App Store product page because the opinions of others are a critical social indicator of your app’s good or bad features.

Also, Apple is paying attention to user experiences about your app, so showing a bad experience and low rating will decrease your chances. Check out some effective tips to obtain positive reviews and ratings from our previous article:  How to Get More Positive App Store Reviews

  1. Get in Touch With Apple

After completing the stages above, now you can find those Apple editors or App store managers to make a pitch. Use LinkedIn to find the right contacts at Apple. Search for “app store manager” in the company of Apple. After finding his/her valid email address (you can use Hunter or Find That Lead tools)

Image Source: http://www.appmasters.co/how-to-get-featured-by-apple-with-a-cold-email/

Prepare a convincing story and email to a contact you found. Here are some tips for preparing pitch email,

  • Keep it short (Why is your app exceptional?)
  • Show them how Apple can show off with your app to promote its new features.
  • Ask for advice.
  • Having a video increase your chances of getting a response.

If you get a reply, you have asked to fill out some forms. Fill them out quickly and accurately.

  1. Get the Best Out Of Featured Tab

If everything went well and App Store featured your app, you will have enormous traffic on your App Store page, so make your ASO perfect to convert customer traffic into your users.progress

Apple also knows about this, and if your app store optimization not good enough, it will change their minds. Therefore, use our free guide The Ultimate ASO Checklist to learn the best practices of each component to increase your downloads.


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