Today, we are going to be talking about TikTok, which is one of the most popular apps of 2018. Basically, Tiktok is a social media platform allowing users to watch musical clips, lip-sync to songs, shoot short videos ad share them with each other. Its reputation took off so quickly and it is impossible not to encounter TikTok videos on our timelines. Such a huge success, right? So, how did it happen? How TikTok became so much popular? Keep reading to find out!

ByteDance launched TikTok, also known as Douyin, in 2016. At first, it was popular only in Asia but then its reputation spread to other parts of the World.

TikTok recevied several milliın Chinese Renminbi by Toutiao Group in January 2017. Over time time, the app started to expand into other countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. TikTok ranked #1 among free mobile apps on app stores in Thailand on 23, 2018.

ByteDance spent up to spent up to $1 billion to purchase on 9 November 2017 and TikTok merged with on 2 August 2018. They kept the title TikTok.

Let’s have a look at some stats to find out where it is now!


In the last 30 Days, TikTok gained 32.5 million downloads with 2,9% decrease. They gained $307,7K from the downloads and $21,3K from ads.

Their DAU (Daily Active Users) is 34.5 million with 6,3% increase and their MAU (Monthly Active Users) is 120.4M with 9.3% increase.

Here are the store ranks of TikTok, according to AppTopia.

In the USA, it is third one overall, the first one among applications, and the first one in Social.

And this is the rank history of TikTok. We can conclude it from the stat above that the lowest rank it ranked is 6.

This is the story of how TikTok was founded and where it is now with stats. If you’d like to read more articles like this, please visit our blog. And feel free to share your comments and questions with us! 😊


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