A Few Things You Should Know to Write a Great App Description

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You have great app and you’ve done everything to rank high in app store searches. You’ve come this far and got the users attention. Now, you must  describe your app well, meaning you need a good-written app description. Let’s get started.

First things first, you must know the major differences between Apple App Store and Google Play in terms of app description. In iTunes, the search algorithm doesn’t take into account the app description, so there is no effect on ASO (App Store Optimization). But that doesn’t mean you should ignore description in iTunes. Remember that app descriptions serve as a landing page in app stores and it has a crucial part for ending the deal. So do not underestimate the power of a description. Unlike iTunes, in Google Play app description has a considerable effect on their search algorithm, so you must optimize your description with impacting and least competitive keywords as much as possible to rank higher in app stores searches. But you must be careful when optimizing. You have 4000 characters limit to include your keywords so don’t pass over your keywords.


Another thing you should consider is the importance of the first lines of your description. When potential users land on your app page, they can see the first three lines (first 255 characters) of your description. To read the rest of the description they must click “More” button below the lines. While considering the users tend to look at the screenshots and read a few lines before losing their attention, you can realize the importance of the first lines. So you must ask yourself: “What’ll amaze them in my app?” or “ What feature of my app attract more attention?” Whatever you use in the first line of the description, it must scream “Download me” to the users.


There is a few things left to make your description great. Such as adding the evidence of success to description will be a great strategy. The high number of downloads and the good ratings encourage users to choose your app and download it. You can also add social media links to your description. You can stay in touch with users and answer their questions via social media accounts and this’ll make them feel special.

Finally you should localize your description, If you’re going to target the other markets. This’ll absolutely have good effects on user acquisition.

Up to now, i try to explain what you should do to make a great description. Now i’m going to tell what you shouldn’t:

  • Don’t lie or try to manipulate users to download your app. At the end, they’re going to figure it out and uninstall the app. This is no good for you.
  • Grammatical errors and typos’re going to leave bad first impression to users.
  • Don’t be too technical. You want to amaze them, not to bore them.

I think you’re ready to write a great description. Do not lose time to get started and experiment.

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