App Marketing Analysis is a crucial and irreplaceable part of our operations. It is important for an app owner to know what is going on out there. We are aware that the sustainable success of an app in any category depends on regular analysis of competitors, app category itself, app stores’ dynamics, and audience. This is why we prioritize app marketing analysis in our planning and management process.
Our optimization approach is not only for app stores, but also for your potential users or customers.
App Store Stats and Key Parameters Tracking

Have you ever wondered about how seasonality, weekdays or weekends affect your daily downloads? Watch as users come back to your app after 1, 7 or 30 days or simply track the performance of your LTV.

Market Trends

A great samurai once said, “Know your enemy, know his sword”, meaning you should know your opponents’ tactics before you fight. Learn your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to defeat them in battle. Most importantly, know your app landscape. Avoid blind spots, see when your competition makes updates and watch how it affects your category.

Overall and Category Data

Have you ever wondered how many total downloads are made daily in higher ranks? We provide estimated daily downloads for any app.

Review Analysis

In order to have a better product, you should study the reviews. The reviews are able to give you the best feedback about your app. Reviews give you suggestions about your keywords, your product itself, and update ideas. By having a user-oriented app and loyal users, we provide you with a perfect review analysis.

Keep up with the most current analytics to make your app succeed. Contact our proactive specialists to draw away in app stores.