2011-04-19 * Download Metrics Less Important

Apple updated own ranking algorithm after significant increase number of apps in store. Daily and monthly user metrics became more important than download metrics.


2012-08-31 * Acquiring Update / Apple acquired Chomp and changed interface Chomp-like style by improving its algorithm

In 2012 Feb, Apple acquired Chomp (app search engine) and overhauled its interface and patched up algorithm (which was made viable by Apple’s server side) on August/September 2012. Additionally iOS 6 Update released.


2013-08-23 * Engagement and Ratings Update

When we came to end of the 2013, Apple were serving almost million apps. So, ranking became a metric and were more important for app owners and marketers. Apple updated its ranking algorithm and added mixed engagement and rating metrics.


2013-12-13 * Visibility Update / Apple Adjusted Apps Seen to More Than 40 Positions

According to MobileDevHQ analysis, some apps moved more than 40 spots. “The average ranking change they saw was 41.5 positions, which is 8 times the normal ranking change seen on an average day for iPhone results. Typically, the usual daily change is around 5 positions, for comparison’s sake.” In 2013, iOS 7 updated was close to this app store update.

2014-09-24 – Smarter Ranking Update 1.0 (Core Update)

We can call this improvement as a core update. Some metrics became more important such as Titles, Descriptions, Ratings and Reviews.


2015-06-28 * Spam Update (Title/Keyword Stuffing)

Spammers has entered market after million apps on store. Spammers used spammy keywords on titles and descriptions including keyword spot. With stuffing spammers got higher positions on app store. Apple updated algorithm and has taken precautions against spammers.


2015-11-2015 * Smarter Ranking Update 2.0 (Core Update)

Apple App Store were growing by total apps on store. Apple released second algorithm change in last quarter in 2015.  We saw sudden changes on rankings. Apple had more smarter search algorithm than past versions.


2016-04-30 * Mystery Update

According to VentureBeat, Apple released a mystery update on April 2016. Some experimental changes were made on app store search algorithm.


2016-09-01 * Apple Store Improvements

Apple announced on 1st September 2016 that improved some metrics and its effects on ASO. This is important; App names you submit in iTunes Connect for new apps and updates will now be limited to no longer than 50 characters.