Technology has gone through a very important process over the years.  Each passing day new products, new inventions, new technological masterpieces are joining our daily lives and one of the biggest technological development of all time is the invention of smart phones. Now, with smart phones, we can do anything that once we only could do with computers.

Applications are inseperable parts of smart phones. According to an online statistic platform Statista; there are 3.8 millions applications in Google Play Store and 2 millions in App Store in the first quarter of 2018, and these numbers are increasing each passing day.

But how can users find your app out of these millions of applications?  In order for users to download your app, you need to make your app more visible in app stores. And, ASO is a very handy and low cost way to gain your app more downloads.

ASO has some basic but very important implementations. These implementations include category,competitor and keyword analyses, localization, A&B tests and updating, and optimizing visual and written features. In this article we are going to mention the importance of optimizing visual features, testing and updating them briefly. Let’s start!

In real life when we meet someone for the first time, we leave them a impression with our appearance. It is the same for the applications. You need to keep your applications’ appearance ‘beautiful’ and leave users a good impression with your app icon, screenshots and preview video.


App Icon

On the search page, one of the first things that the users see about your app is your app icon. So, it should be remarkable. It should give users an idea about what your app is about. Do you have an app about recipes? Put an icon about foods. Do you have an app about gym? Put a dumbbell icon. Or, do you have a company app, put your company logo. But do not add your app name in your app icon. Cause the users already can see the name in the app title, so it is unnecesssary to add it again.


Now that you managed to influence the users on the result page, it is time to show them what you got with screenshots! You can show your apps’ visual or contextual features with your screenshots. Don’t forget to keep them easy to read and eyeful.

*While you can put 8 screenshots in Google Play Store, you can add 5 screenshots in Apple App Store.

Here is a good example of screenhots:

Preview Video

Watching preview videos became a very popular trend in recent years. In real life, before we buy some product we make a research online and watch videos about it and check if it’s really what we’re looking for. When it comes to applications, the users are likely to do the same thing before downloading an application. Preview videos give users a chance to preview the app. They are like sneak peaks. So put an attractive preview video and watch the users downloading your app 😊

While you can put 30 second long videos in Google Play Store, you can put 2 minute long videos in Apple App Store.

A&B Testing and Updating Regularly

So, you made all those visual optimizations, you made your app beautier and more attractive, now what? Now you need to test if these optimizations are gonna come to fruition. After you update the app you need to wait for at least a month to test them. After a month, test them and examine the results. Then, you can start doing minor changes like making some changes in the app icon, screenshots or preview video. These minor changes may contribute your app’s success majorly! Don’t forget that you need to make A&B tests everytime you make changes and update your app according to the test results.

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