Make Icons More Visible by Avoiding Text

On the app market, the icon is the face of your product. Moreover, these single pictures give users the first impression about your app. You have only a short period of time to receive a reaction from users.

Have you ever considered that when you search on the stores, icons are the huge tool of the visible part of your app?

Here is the App Store display below.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.30.36

As you can see, icons cover the most part of the app. At least %60 percent of the area is covered by icons. Even though icons seem to be the small details, they affect the first impression more than other details. One of the elements turning this first impression into a bad user experience is using text on icons. But why?

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There are two main reasons you should not put text on an icon. First, you already have a brief title on your app, and you do not want to make consumers mind’s confused while purchasing your app. Also, you should keep your icons away from repetition to keep your icon vivid and simple.

Second, it is always hard to see what is written on those small images. Icons should be pure and simple in order to make them understandable. This matter can briefly explain direct relationship between the index of your app and the visuals you put on them.

If you look at the list again,

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.30.51


-Whatsapp uses  a telephone

-Instagram uses a camera

-Clean Master uses a broom

Look at the graph, according to App Annie’s top Worldwide most downloaded apps listing.

Mainly, when you look at the top apps on the list, you realize that the most common point is that the apps do not have any text upon the icons.

An icon has to be syncronized with the index of your app, which means an icon should give you a huge intro in a short time. Consumers should understand at first glance what it is about. When you think of over 3 million apps and 2.7 billion app users in the stores, every single second is significant to get customers’ attention on your app.

Nike is the great example of how the title should be;

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.31.06

This is Nike,

Nike does not use text on the icon

because Nike knows that people have visual memory and awareness.

Nike avoids mixing words on the icon.

Nike is smart.

Be like Nike.



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