The Evolution of Mobile Apps

We’re livin’ in the technology era and smartphones are one of the biggest technological masterpieces of all time. With mobile apps, now we can do anything that once we only could do using computers. We can edit videos, make our own musics. We can even measure our pulses. Amazing right?

Have you ever wondered how mobile applications walked in our lives? We did and gathered all the information for you. Let’s start!

The First Application

When you hear the word ‘’application’’, you might think of apps such as Instagram, Snapchat etc. But the very first applications were quiet simple. Actually; calculators, clocks in the very first phones, they were all applications. But the first application that is similar to today’s apps’ is… Guess what?

Well, correct. The answer is ‘Snake’. You remember this quiet simple but very enjoyful game right? It is a game which you controle the snake-like thing to eat little squares to get bigger. I remember the days when I spent all my time playing this game when I was a little child.

In 2007, Apple announced that they would allow users to download third party apps using Safari. In 2008 Apple Store was launched with 500 apps and  10 million apps were downloaded in the first weekend after the launch, %25 of them were free. In 2008, the number of available applications increased to 10.000. And in 2019, 500 million applications were downloaded!

In the circumstances, Google also decided to launch an app market. In October 22, 2008 they launched Google Play Store with 50 apps available and 500 millions apps were downloaded in 2009.  

Number of Apps Available in Leading App Stores


This stats above shows the number of available apps in leading app stores. Currently, there are 3.800.000 applications in Google Play Store and 2 million apps in Apple Store. This number is increasing each passing day.

Top 10 Categories for Android and iOS Mobile Applications (as of January 2018)

This is the story of where applications were at first and where they are now. You can visit our blog for more articles like this. And feel free to share your comments with us from the comment tab below. 🙂



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