Hotly-anticipated Apple IOS 12 Update was released on the 17th of September. It came up with so many big changes for the users. Iphone’s became 2* faster, new features were added such as ‘Measure’, photograph categorising became easier to use, and so much more. In addition to all of these, Apple also made some great changes in terms of personalization in Apple App Store. So, let’s have a look at what have changed in detail.





The Today Tab

From the new release on, when you open App Store on your device, the first thing that you will see is the Today tab. The Today tab allows you to access new releases, exclusive titles you’ll only find on IOS, and fresh perspectives on their all-time hits. On this tab, you can also access interviews with developers and discuss ideas. The content in this tab is related to the things that you might be interested in or would like to download.






 The App and the Game of the Day’s , are shown in this tab.








You May Have Missed

App Store used to show all the content from the past weeks but with the new update, it only shows the most important contents from the previous days that are worth to be discovered.







Games Tab

According to Apple Store datas; gaming is the most popular category in App Store in 2018. Therefore; Apple always work on improving ‘game discovering’ process for users. With this aim, the Games tab became more customized and it shows the games that you might want to download.







Apps Tab

Just like the Games Tab, Apps Tab gives you

application suggestions which you might be

 interested in.






One of the things that Apple didn’t change is the privacy policy. All the personalized information will take place on your device and won’t be shared or sent to Apple’s servers. So, you can feel relaxed cause all of your data will be in safe.

These are the new features that IOS 12 update brought along to App Store. The question is how this personalization are going to affect user’s experiences and app’s downloads. Time will show everything 😊 Keep in touch!

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